Get Prepared -Fill Your Medicine Cabinet

Are you watching the news about the coronavirus? It’s hard to imagine a quarantine like what is happening in Wuhan, but the truth is that it absolutely could happen here in the US. I’m not the only one worried – already there are no masks to be found on the shelves at my local stores.

In addition to stocking my pantry with food, I’ve been buying extra medical supplies. Here’s a list of items that I’ve grabbed over the last few days.




Feminine Products

Rubbing Alcohol

Hydrogen Peroxide



Vitamin C


It’s expensive to go to the pharmacy aisle, so I shop every pay period and pick up a few extra things. While I hope that the coronavirus never makes an impact, I want to be ready. Besides, I’ll eventually use all of the items. Okay, maybe not the Mite-B-Gone, but the rest.

China is the biggest supplier of most of our prescription medicine and we have no idea how the coronavirus will affect the supply. If you can get a refill, do it now. Stay prepared!

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