Fighting Coronavirus Boredom

For some of you, staying at home 24/7 is torture. If you’re one of those people who have to stay busy, good news! There is a lot of things to do in your home. Here are five things to get you started. Grab a sheet of paper and make some notes.

Get organized

I don’t know what you need to organize, but there is definitely something. Maybe it’s your at-home desk, your sock drawer, your spice rack or your gun cabinet, but now that you have the time, get to it. No excuses!

Get Your Garden Ready

Do you really want to spend the summer fighting over lettuce leaves at the grocery store? Try maintaining social distancing while scrambling in the produce aisle. Not a wise move. Instead, think about what you need to plant, research online if you don’t know what grows in your area, and order your seeds. The last frost has passed for most of us and it’s time to get the seeds in the ground.

Secure The Perimeter

I talked about self-defense in my last blog post, but what about your house? Is it protected? In times like these, people get more and more desperate. Take a walk around your house and think like a thief. Are all of the windows and doors locked? How hard would it be to break in? What if there were two people, working together? Look for weak spots and make a plan.

Auto Maintenace

Have you considered what you’d do if the auto parts store closed tomorrow? What about Kauffman Tires? If you had to race across the state to pick up a loved one, or deliver food, or just get the heck out of dodge, is your car/truck/RV ready for the journey? If you’ve been putting off changing a belt, topping off the oil, or getting new tires, consider taking a day for all things auto.


These are stressful times we’re living through and it’s more important than ever that you take care of yourself! Turn off the TV and go outside for a walk. Listen to the birds, think about better times. Take a hot shower and put on some nice clothes, just because. Remember when you used to listen to music? Put on the radio and just breathe. Call someone who makes you smile. Pretend your living in the past, before we had cell phones and every waking moment was taken with social media. Take a break.

It takes a while to get into a new groove. You will adjust to the new normal, probably just in time for things to go back as they were. Instead of thinking of how bored you are, focus on the opportunity to take care of some things that have been neglected.

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