Creating An Entry Station for Coronavirus Safety

Every time you go out in the world you take a chance that you’ll encounter the coronavirus. Every time you come back home, you take a chance on bringing it inside. How do you prevent this? By setting up a process that you observe every single time.

Drop Your Shoes at the Door

Picture this. A woman with the coronavirus enters Walmart and coughs up and down the aisles. You walk in two minutes later and walk the same path. Gross? Yes. Realistic? Also, yes. When you come home, leave your shoes outside. If you can’t, then disinfect them outside by wiping them with a bleach solution, or with Clorox wipes. Then you can leave them inside by the door but for Heaven’s sake, don’t walk around inside your house.

Disinfect Your Packages

Whatever has been outside needs to be sterilized before being put away. Wipe everything off with wipes, or make a sterilization bath in your laundry. Dip and dry before it goes into the pantry.

Clean Your Phone

If you’re like the rest of the world, you touch your phone over 2,000 times per day. Every time you come from the outside world, you need to disinfect your phone. Don’t worry. Cleaning your phone with wipes won’t hurt the screen.

Disinfect Your Keys

You’ve touched everything at the counter, the keypad, the pen, etc. and then grab your keys without thinking. Washing your hands and putting those virus covered keys back in your hand defeats the purpose. Wipe them off before putting them down.

Wash Your Hands

Your shoe are clean, your packages have been disinfected, you’ve wiped off your phone and keys, and now, finally it’s time to wash your hands.

We’re living in a new normal and creating new habits takes awhile. I’ve created a flyer with these steps that you can download and put on your door, in your car, wherever you think you will see it.

We are at war with an invisible enemy. Stay vigilant!

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