Starting A Garden

The news has been full of people asking the question, “How did we become so dependent on China for supplies?” Perhaps another question should be, “How did we become so dependent on Walmart for our food?”

While planting food today won’t fill your pantry, a prepared girl looks to the future and asks what she can do to be ready. You don’t have to plow the back 40 to have a garden. It’s fine to start small.

What Should I Plant

I like a variety of vegetables so I bought this 40 Pack of Seeds from Amazon a couple of months ago.

Luckily, I live in a zone where a lot of different plants can grow. Be sure and think about A) what grows in your area and B) what you like to eat.

When and Where Should I Plant?

The seeds I bought came with a handy book that told me which seeds needed to be started inside vs. planted directly, and when, such as 6 weeks before the last frost. This is a great website that helps you figure out what to plant in your particular zone.

Easy Peasy

Gardening doesn’t have to hard. These trays are readily available and make planting a snap. You simply open, loosen the nets around the pods, water, and plant your seeds. The top makes a mini greenhouse. Once the plants get established, you can choose the strongest and move them outside.

My arugula is loving the warm sunshine coming through my kitchen window!

I’ll be working this weekend on making an outdoor garden so check back soon and I’ll show you options for when these babies get ready to make their debut.

Don’t be intimidated. You CAN make a garden and provide food for your family. Think about the pioneers. They did it and they didn’t even have Google! It should be a breeze for us.

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