Bartering 101

Are you paying attention yet? President Donald Trump just announced the social distancing guidelines will remain in place until April 30th, and Dr. Fauci says the models are predicting 100,000 deaths. With people losing their jobs, cash may NOT be king. Bartering may be your ticket to the things you need. So what should you stock for bartering?


In a natural disaster, water is the number one bartering item, but during this pandemic, we’ll assume that the utilities are still on. So that moves food to the top of the list. Stock extras of everything that can be stored for a long time such as rice, beans, processed and freeze-dried foods.

Medical Supplies

NO one wants to go to the doctor during a pandemic unless they absolutely have to. The world is still a dangerous place – people get cuts, headaches, upset stomachs, and worse. Medicines are good but don’t forget the bandages, alcohol, medical tape, etc.

Hygiene Products

You’ve seen how people are hoarding toilet paper. If the supply lines are disrupted you can imagine that folks will be willing to trade a whole lot for a mega roll. It’s not just toilet paper, though, think soap, toothbrushes, shampoo, razors, and feminine products.


I bet there are a lot of people kicking themselves for skipping Shop Class all those many years ago. You can’t build or repair without the proper tools. Stock the basics – hammer, nails, shovel, screwdriver, screw, wrench, etc.


I read today that during the Spanish Flu alcohol was prohibited. Now, liquor stores are considered an “essential business”. Buy the small, 50 ml bottles and get a variety.

I left ammo out on purpose. Defending yourself is paramount. Keep your ammo for yourself.

Stocking up on items is essential, but you need to barter carefully!

Don’t Eat In Front of The Starving

This is just another way of saying if you’ve got it, DON’T flaunt it. I hope that you have a fully-stocked pantry and all the ammo a girl would ever need but please don’t put it on Instagram or Facebook. Don’t even tell your best-buds. If you’re lucky enough to keep your job and an income, be very careful that you don’t show it.

Stay Out of The Limelight

Out of sight is out of mind. Most crimes are crimes of opportunity, so do what you can to keep a low profile.

Hide Your Stash

Put your valuables, and by valuables I mean your extra food, water, ammo, etc. somewhere safe. Plant your garden away from the road and prying eyes.

Change Up What You Barter

This is part of the “Don’t draw attention to yourself” advice. You don’t want to be the Go-To Girl for Tools or you may be the Got-Tools-Stolen Girl.

The key to being prepared is to think ahead. What do you think you might need and what do you have to trade for it? Shop strategically and stock your bartering items.

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