Grocery Delivery and COVID-19

I live in a large urban area so I’ve had good luck with grocery delivery. Today I placed an order at noon and it was at my front door by 2:00 pm. But bringing in the groceries is not as simple as it used to be. Here’s what I do to ensure I just get the grocery items and no coronavirus!

Sanitize Your Space

Before the delivery came, I prepared my dining room table. I cleared it of placemats, bowls, etc. and wiped it down with a sanitizing liquid. Since my table has a seam where the leaf goes, I used it to divide my table into two halves.

Keep Your Distance

I saw the delivery car arrive and I went outside to say hello. Of course, we kept our distance but there’s no reason to be rude! After a few pleasantries, I thanked him and pointed to the bench beside my door and asked him to leave the groceries there. Then I went inside and waited for him to leave.

Start Safety At The Door

Next, I donned my gloves and brought the groceries inside. I was careful not to let the bags touch my body or any other furniture, etc. Straight to the clean table they went.

I dumped the contents out on the table and put the grocery bags into a container. If you want to keep them, wipe them off. We don’t know how long the virus can live on plastic so unless you have the time to hide them away from the family, just wipe or toss.

Finish Strong

Every item was wiped down with Clorox wipes. Picture your shopper moving up and down the aisles and pay special attention to those places he’d most likely held your items, such as handles of jugs.

As you clean each item, move it to the clean side of your table. Once every item has been cleaned, you can wash your hands and then put them away.

This is not a job you can do quickly. Like everything else in this trying time, you need to plan. Take the time and clean your groceries well. It will pay off when you and your family remain healthy!

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