Prepping for Kiddos

With most of the country shut down, you’re more than likely sharing space with a young person who is used to going 90 mph. It’s hard to come to a sudden stop as an adult, so you know it’s got to be hard on children.

I’ve found a few things that you might consider adding to your prepper pantry to help alleviate their boredom and/or fears.

Spot It is a great game for kids on lock-down. It’s easy to play, works for a large number of kids, and a typical game lasts about three minutes. That’s a win for every adult who gets pulled into “just one more game.”

Prayer Map

Prepping is for emergencies and emergencies are scary. Give your young one a place to write down their prayers, worries, etc. These Prayer Maps come in a variety of styles- for women, for girls, for boys, for teens, etc. At under $10.00 dollars they’re a steal.

365 Daily Things to Draw

This is another great low budget item and gives your child something to do every day. Under $10.00 dollars

Gardening Kit

You don’t need a big garden to teach your children about growing their own food. This kit will work well for kids who are housebound. All you need is some water and a window. Plus, when they’re done you get herbs!

Kids are resilient and savvy, but they are still kids. Don’t forget to plan for them during this pandemic.

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