No-Sew Masks

The CDC is now recommending that everyone who is out in public wear a mask. Unless they are the N95 type they won’t keep you from getting the virus, but they will keep you from touching your face and that’s a win.

There are lots of patterns on the internet, but you can make one without sewing. You just need tightly woven material, such as a sheet or a pillowcase that you can cut, or even a bandana, and two rubber bands or hair ties.

Remember to wash your mask in boiling water after you’ve worn it. There’s no sense in going out in public, touching things including the mask, and then putting it back on the next day! If you have an N95 mask, save it in case you have to care for a sick relative or go where the risk factors are high for contracting COVID-19.

I won’t even go into the criminal media who told us we didn’t need masks, to save them for the healthcare workers, while they themselves stocked up, and now decide to inform us of the need. Whatever. It’s a lesson. If you don’t get yourself prepared, no one else will swoop in to help.

Stay safe!

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