What I’m Buying This Week

As long as I can afford to prep and what I need is available, I’m going to keep stocking my home. Here are a few of the things I’m putting in my Amazon cart.

Sterilizing tablets

Remember when you could just go to the store and buy Clorox wipes? Those were the days. But never fear, there are alternatives. Steramine is good for disinfecting your countertops, etc. Dissolve a tablet into a gallon of water and you are set.

Safety Glasses

Don’t forget your eyes when you’re out shopping! Droplets can carry a long way and if your mask covers your eyes, your wearing it wrong. I love these glasses because they look very nerdy/cool.

Portable Washing Machine

Yes, a portable washing machine! Why? Because we’re trying to conserve water, and if we need to bug out in the RV, this baby will come in very handy. Just because we’re in a pandemic doesn’t mean that other disasters, like tornados, can’t happen. If the electricity goes out, I’ll still have clean undies.

Septic Tank Saver

It’s important to take stock of your appliances, etc. and order your parts now. Can you imagine? You’ve stocked up on toilet paper and then your septic tank backs up? UGH. I’m not taking any chances.

Beginner’s Guide To Canning

I have high hopes for my garden this year, and I want to save as much of it as possible in case things get even worse. I bought a pressure cooker and a water bath canner last year and I just ordered more jars. They are getting thin, so if canning is on your radar, order them soon! This book will help you if canning is new to you.


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