Get Educated

It’s great to be prepared, you know, just in case the time comes, but when the CDC says we’re on the edge of a pandemic, that time is now!

I’ve been preaching the Get Prepared sermon for several weeks now and I’m amazed at how many people aren’t paying attention. Actually, I’m amazed that every newscaster on cable news isn’t running with the story 24/7. So how do you find information?

!. Search the web for news

Below are coronavirus headlines from the past few days.

CDC is Preparing for the “likely” Spread of Coronavirus

New coronavirus cases in Iran, Italy fuel concerns the disease cannot be contained

CDC has confirmed 35 cases of novel coronavirus in the US

The point is, I had to FIND them. Search out the news and don’t just sit, waiting for it to smack you in the face.

2. Use social media

Twitter is free and it’s easy to use. Once you have an account, you can search the hashtag #coronavirus to see what is being tweeted. Be careful. Unless the tweet links to a reputable news site, I don’t trust it.

Here are a few accounts that I follow:

@BNODesk (BNO Newsroom)

@jenniferatntd (Jennifer Zeng)

@ScottGottliebMD (Scott Gottlieb, MD)

3. Bookmark these sites

Some will argue that these sites aren’t news agencies so they shouldn’t be trusted. I would say that trusting ANY news source implicitly is a bad idea. Read them and double-check with more sources.

Many people aren’t paying attention to the news right now to their own peril. Girl, be prepared. Get educated!

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