Emergency Backup

A sad reader emailed me last week to tell me that her backup freezer had gone out and she’d lost all of her meat. Over 30 pounds of hamburger meat, 2 roasts, steaks, etc. It’s enough to make you cry!

But we don’t cry at Girl Prepared, we buy.

First up is this Power Failure Alarm.

If my refrigerator freezer were to go out, I’d see it since I’m in and out of it every day, but if the freezer in the basement went kaput, I’d be in serious trouble. This plugs into the outlet, then you plug the freezer into it. If the power goes out – SHRIEK!!!

  • LOUD alarm! 103dB can be heard even in noisy factories.
  • Plug detection feature warns if your device is unplugged.
  • Low battery alert.
  • 10-year battery alarms for 48 hours.
  • Silence/test button.

The storms that went through last week also reminded me that Mother Nature is no respecter of a pandemic. If the power were to go out, I’d lose all of my freezers! I’m ordering this generator. It has good reviews and is on sale.

  • POWERFUL DUROSTAR ENGINE: The DS4000s is Powered by a DuroStar 7.0 Hp, air cooled OHV engine w/low oil shutoff.
  • PLENTY OF POWER: With 4,000 starting watts and 3,300 running watts, this unit is a workhorse that provides plenty of power to handle multiple jobs from powering high voltage appliances to heavy duty power tools.
  • POWER PANEL: Includes a selection of outlets for maximum compatibility in your applications including: 2 120V household outlets and 1 120V 30A twist lock outlet.
  • POWERING EVERYONE ANYWHERE: The DS4000s is EPA and CARB approved for use in all 50 states.

What’s your backup plan? If you don’t have one, get one!

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