10 Food Items for Preppers on a Budget

I love the idea of having a well-stocked pantry full of dry goods with a long shelf life but I can’t afford floor-to-ceiling buckets of pricey freeze-dried packages. So what’s a girl to do? Stock up on these cheap food items! Most of these are inexpensive and go on sale often. They have a long shelf life and won’t break the bank! Obviously, the first rule is to stock things you’ll actually eat. If you hate beans there’s no need to buy them so substitute as needed.

1. Rice – Easy, filling, can be used in a variety of dishes.

2. Dried Beans – Yum! These are super easy to cook and can be spruced up with a bit of bacon, tomatoes, onions, etc.

3. Lentils – When you’re tired of beans and rice. 🙂

4. Pasta – I love to stock up on spaghetti, mac and cheese etc. The Dollar Tree usually has plenty of both.

5. Oats- Cheap, filling and are great for making those no-bake cookies.

6. Canned Vegetables – I found a ton of veggies for .50 cents a can at Walmart last week.

7. Canned Meat – Protein is important. Canned chicken is more expensive, but tuna is almost always affordable.

8. Crackers – Can be added to soup, yummy with peanut butter, etc.

9. Water – Okay, water isn’t food, but it’s vitally important. I’ve found gallon jugs for less than a dollar at WalMart.

10. Little Debbie Cakes – C’mon, eating all those beans is going to get old fast without some dessert.

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