Get Your Ham Radio License In Under A Week

Ham radios? Is that still a thing? You betcha! Ham radio is an essential item for serious preppers. Many government agencies use the same UHF and VHF frequencies used by amateur radio equipment, which is very helpful in extreme emergencies. The tornadoes in Tennessee, for instance, knocked out a lot of cell towers, and power is one of the first things to go in severe storms.

You need a license to operate a Ham Radio except in an emergency. Let’s face it, is an emergency when you want to try and figure out how to use it and communicate? No.

The first level of licensure is the Technician. You must pass a 35 question test and the questions come from a pool of 423. That’s a lot of information to learn especially when the questions are like:

What is the limitation for emissions on the frequencies between 219 and 220 MHz? A) Spread spectrum only B) Fixed digital message forwarding systems only C) Emergency traffic only or D) Fast-scan television only.

Yeah, not really easy if you don’t have a background in this type of thing. So how did I pass the test in 48 hours? I used a study app called HRE-Tech available in Google Play and ITunes. I downloaded the app on Saturday night, started studying the test with answers highlighted, then did the session reviews. By Monday night, I was ready to take the test. I missed one question!

In fact, I was so sure on Monday morning that I had the info memorized, I downloaded the next level test app, HRE-General and passed it, too!

Passing the test is the first step. There’s a lot to learn to actually use it but don’t let the test intimidate you. Not only is it passable, but it’s also cheap For $15.00 dollars, you can be the first to know what’s happening in an emergency, and use that knowledge to keep the people you love safe.

To see the radio I bought for under $40.00 dollars, click here. To find testing near you, click here.

By the way, the answer is B. 🙂

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